What is coaching anyway?

When I announced that I would be starting a new venture in coaching, I found that describing it was the most difficult part. It still is. I have had well-educated, bright, hip people make assumptions about coaching like, “Oh, it’s like having a personal cheerleader!” or “Oh, my boss started to dress differently — it’s when you give fashion advice to executives, right?” or “You help people who cannot manage their, time, right?”. While it felt frustrating to me, my “ah hah” moment came when I realized that coaching, or Co-Active Coaching, is all of that. It is whatever the client designs for themselves. Coaching is for people who are perfect, exactly the way they are, but still have room for growth, change, and shifts in their lives that help them step into their potential. It is for folks at work who are looking to be more efficient and effective, it is for folks at home who want the same. It is for people who have angst about something and for people who just want someone to walk through life with who will be completely honest with them no matter what. Don’t we all want that? Isn’t that a gift? Don’t we all deserve that?