Thank You Note Challenge January 2019


I had the opportunity to coach the most amazing women at the Massachusetts Conference for Women earlier this month. Wow. Its one of my favorite events in which to participate. I heard phenomenal keynote speakers and went to workshops full of rich teaching and learning.

At the Workplace Summit on day one, some really interesting data was shared that stopped me in my tracks.

Taking 2 minutes (and we mean maximum of 2 minutes) to write a positive email or letter thanking or praising someone in your life is connected to all sorts of positive outcomes.

But wait, there is more….

We “co-process” the world. Because we share traits with those around us (optimism, happiness, pessimism…its all contagious), we cannot pursue meaningful self-help alone; we must pursue it in community.

(because I want to give credit where credit is due, Shawn Achor, an amazing happiness researcher,  shared this. Google him. He’s amazeballs.)

So welcome to 2019, the year of the Granahan Coaching and Consulting Thank You Note Challenge. From January 1 – January 31, I’ll be posting something daily about gratitude (teaser: I’ll share more about the data above). If you want to take part, you’ll commit to writing a short email or note to someone daily, thanking them for whatever it is you want to thank them for. This is about you. And us. It’s about partnering with each other in a quest for increased dopamine and connecting as a community.

My preference is to do this on my Granahan Coaching and Consulting Facebook page rather than creating a separate Facebook page. I’d also love for you to interact with each other on this page, sharing your own thoughts or beliefs about what’s happening for you, notice any shifts in how you show up in the world, or just share the folks to whom you are writing. You’ll be sharing ideas for those who may be having a hard time coming up with words or people to thank!

If you are not comfortable doing so on my public page, just reach out to me. If it keeps even one person from participating, we’ll do a separate FB page/event? Clearly I have more to learn about social media.

If you don’t already follow my FB page, please head on over and follow it now. Its Granahan Coaching and Consulting. Many of you access my posts when I share them to my personal page, but please join your fellow warriors over on my business page. You won’t regret the community of others who are longing for something and willing to work for whatever that is. Our co-processing starts now.

Much love to you all as we journey through 2019 together. Let’s remember what the data shows and what we already know ourselves: we are wired for connection and our light shines brighter and more authentically when we are “in it” together.

With gratitude,


(image by Brian Andreas at Storypeople)