Academic Life Coaching

Show up to your academic and social life knowing who you are, how you best work, and how to build your natural leadership skills.
Students come to coaching for a variety of reasons ranging from wanting more academic success to looking for help narrowing down college choices and post graduate plans. What it all boils down to is that clients leave their coaching experience knowing who they are – how they best learn, what motivates them, what they value, and what makes them unique.


The Academic Life Coaching program is a structured, 10 session program focusing on:

Academic Success

  • core motivation and how to stay motivated even when things feel tough;
  • learning and thinking styles and how to tailor your study habits to get the best results;
  • how to make big goals (“Getting all A’s”) more attainable by creating well-designed action steps (“write my homework in a planner daily”) as a way to move forward;


  • core values and how those lead to making decisions that are uniquely right for you;
  • your inner critic ~ and how to keep it from holding you back;
  • the assumptions you make about your parents, peers and teachers and how these assumptions impact your communication and relationships


  • the impact you have on the world, the impact you want to design, and how to take responsibility for that impact, recognizing the leader you are and are becoming;
  • designing and celebrating the young adult you are!

“Right from the beginning, I knew my grades had to improve. Christina helped me come up with a system that helped me know what my homework was which was a small change, but made it all so much easier for me and my grades improved. Just asking me how I would feel if I did my homework helped me know that I really actually did want to get it done.” ~ high school student
“My experience through coaching helped me to prepare for the major life changes that are coming up. Every week I would look forward to my session and be excited to see what I would learn about myself. It was such a positive experience and environment where I felt I could push myself to grow. I would recommend this program to any high school student getting ready to go off to college because of the growth and knowledge I gained in just 10 sessions.” ~ 17 year old

How it works: Typically, I work with students every week or every other week and maintain an open relationship with parents via email. Students are given the Academic Life Coaching workbook and any supplemental materials we use. Weekday afternoon and weekend appointments are available. Want to know more? Visit my contact page.

If you are ready to start looking at plans beyond high school, visit The Enlightened Application.