I am committed to a socially just practice that is accessible, inclusive and equitable to all.


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Are the Kids Home Yet?

Across all areas of my life, my acceptance of any situation is inversely proportional to my expectations. I am grateful that I am remembering this now, at the beginning of

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The Enlightened Summer

If you could see me now. Well, thanks to modern technology, you actually can. And I’ll attach a few more pictures, too. Why on earth should anyone care about seeing

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Happier and Nicer

About 7 years ago, on the recommendation of a friend, I signed up for an introductory coaching class in New York City. TBH, my perspective at the time was that

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Lessons from a Snowstorm

As I put in my usual work week leading up to the forecasted storm, many clients seemed to look forward to the weather but for reasons having nothing to do

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