In My Own Words….

Clients describe me as witty, quick, energetic, curious and warm. My family and friends have described me as being intuitive, fearless and quick; I am often given the feedback that I say what others are thinking. I am direct, because what I truly believe about the human experience is that we all want that one person in our lives who will be honest with us ~ because they have our back. As a coach, every single question has a purpose. Every bit of work we do together is in service of your learning and growth. I believe we create a relationship together — my job is simply to help you get curious about yourself because you have the answers, you just need some help accessing them. I commit to being honest, unafraid, and will work with the utmost integrity as we deepen your learning and move you forward ~ wherever it is you are heading. Together, we will bridge the gap that is between where you are and where you want to be. And we will have fun along the way!

How it works: I meet with clients in my Sudbury, Massachusetts office or over the phone/skype. If you live outside of the MetroWest area and want to meet in person, I am able to travel for an additional fee.
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