Clinical Supervision

I have been a social worker for 25 years working in myriad settings that require varied skills and niche expertise. In addition to my clinical work with varied target populations, I have supervised students, individual staff members and teams for most of my career. I currently supervise social workers and mental health counselors seeking independent licensure as well as seasoned social workers looking to grow themselves in their work. In addition to looking at concrete skill building, I work with professionals to help them explore how they use themselves in their work with particular attention paid to what activates their strongest emotions, how to establish and maintain boundaries, as well as what motivates them in their work.

If you are a social worker or mental health professional looking for supervision or if you are an administrator looking for group or individual supervision for your team, lets talk about putting together a plan that meets your needs. Visit my contact page and let’s connect!


“Christina’s supervision has helped me to develop my skills as a clinician. Her broad range of expertise, including substance abuse, LGBTQ issues, and personality, make her an incredibly adaptable supervisor. She continually focuses on the humanity, creativity, and individuality of the clients we discuss, as well as my own role as a human in a helping role. Christina’s questions and feedback are very thoughtful, and focus on the values and strengths of the people involved, instead of focusing on the problem. I look forward to our time together.” ~ LMHC candidate