Life Coaching

When we accept our assumptions without challenging them, we leave a world undiscovered.

All flowers grow through dirt. At one time or another, most people experience being stuck. It is as if they are trying to poke through the dirt, heading towards light, but they just keep banging their head against the firm soil. Having a coach is like having a shovel. A coach digs, and you grow. More digging, more growing. Eventually you push your way through the dirt and from here, have firm roots and the choice to grow in any direction you choose. As a co-active coach, I will work with you ~ my only agenda is your agenda. I bring to coaching an honesty and fearlessness to help you deepen your roots and help move you ahead.

When you work with a coach to bridge a gap from where you are to where you want to be, you can’t help but learn a whole lot about yourself. You’ll learn what motivates you, what stories you have made up about the world and how those stories hold you back. You’ll discover what you really want for your life and what well-designed actions will get you there.

Bottom line: We will dig deep. Every question is intended to help you point your attention where it needs to be and I promise you that the answers will be there. They always have been. You just need the right person to help you find them.

“Christina helped me to recognize that I have so many more choices than I thought I had. I know what to do when I feel stuck.”
“I had so much fun finding all sorts of perspectives built into the music I listen to ~ it was fun to see how I could choose a perspective and that changed my mood and how I approached different situations.”
“Christina asked the right questions to help me explore who I am as a parent, the role of worry in my life, and where I have control and where I don’t.”

How it works: Coaching can take place over the phone/skype or in person. Generally I work with clients weekly or biweekly although I will work with you to create a schedule that meets your needs. Weekday, weekend and some evening appointments are available. Want to know more? Visit my contact page.

“Coaching helped me find and grow my intuition and taught me where I absolutely ignore it which generally does not work for me. We also explored values and I understand more fully why I have conflict with my partner and at work and what to do about it.”
“Jazz is a really, really important thing that has been inside of me for a very long time. I no longer deny it and am giving it whats due ~ I am starting a class at Berkeley.”

“I found my ‘Let it Rip’ perspective!”
“I appreciate the in-depth work on my saboteur because after really looking at it, I finally know what to do with it.”

“The familiar is not exciting. I’m ready for bigger things which is scary, but I’m ready to take the risk.”