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The Paradox Of This Work Is That It Is Intimate & Personal, But Is Always Best Done In Community With Others

My dream is to create a community of people who are committed to waking up from the trance they’ve been in. A global awakening will take time but it only takes one person to set it in motion.

Why not you?

In addition to a regular offering of workshops, courses, & open office hours, I am available for private group coaching or workshops with you or with your group (family, book group, Facebook group, or anyone else!).

I’ll partner with you to understand your goals and design an experience that meets the needs and interests of your group.

All courses and groups are kept small to allow for personal attention.

Signature Courses include:​

Business Books about the Enneagram
  • “Why do I keep doing that thing?”
  • “What really matters to me?”
  • “Why does it feel like I’m in a different reality than some people?”

The Enneagram, a psycho-spiritual tool for self-discovery, helps you find the answers to these questions and more. At the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of each of the Nine Enneagram Types, how each Type lives in you, and what your dominant Type is. Using classic, foundational Enneagram texts and material from your own life, you will leave this course with a strong understanding of self. And … you’ll have a better understanding of why those you love do the things they do, too!

The course will be kept intentionally small to allow for personal exploration and guidance.

  • begins Friday, March 22nd
  • meets every Friday from 9:00 am – 10:30 am
  • (we may have a bonus call or two before then!)
  • $997

The Enneagram & The Entrepreneur

Explore what it means to really show up in your business. 

This workshop is focused on you and all that becomes possible when you engage with the material of your business – clients, customers, products, collaborators – from a place of awareness. 

You’ll learn what it means to have a personality and how to use it to your advantage. 

The details: 

Course happens in one session with an optional second session to follow up on what you’re playing with in your business.

Introductory Enneagram books in a stack

We all experience suffering. 

As you probably know, there are infinite ways to support you to alleviate that suffering. In my experience, inquiry work is the most impactful and lasting way to loosen up the tightness, resistance, and stuck-ness that both causes and is caused by your suffering. 

Inquiry work is not about changing your mind, looking at your suffering from a new perspective, or any other mindset shenanigans. Inquiry work is simply about inquiring into your suffering to see what else is there. Inevitably, we discover something.

Inquiry groups are scheduled once every few months as we’re called to do this work. Use this blue button to add your name to the list of VIPs and be the first to know of upcoming groups.


Me, Myself, and How I Get things Done (or Don’t!) – Using the Harrison Assessment for Personal Growth

The Harrison Assessment is an analytical tool to look at any number of topics to explore how you think about things, how you get things done, and how you relate with others. It provides insight about your strengths, what happens when those strengths are on overdrive (hint: they are no longer strengths!), and what areas need development to get the results you want. 

The Harrison, while designed to be used for career exploration, development, team dynamics, emotional intelligence, and to assess leadership competencies, it can be used for so much more. We can use it to explore a young person’s preferences for college and focus of study, or with family members to explore how they relate to one another in the home.

Remember Who You Are: Taking the Enneagram from the Magical to the Practical

Remember Who You Are: Taking the Enneagram from the Magical to the Practical

We’ll take what you’ve learned in The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson and join it with other teachings and coaching to move from learning about the Enneagram to immersing yourself in an experience with the Enneagram. 

While this course is for anyone wanting to deepen their self-understanding, the material is best suited for those who have an understanding of the Enneagram either through coursework, inner work, or by having read The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Riso and Russ Hudson. It is for those who consider themselves Enneagram-informed.

These groups come in many forms. If you are feeling called to learn more, click on the button below and add your name to the growing list of people wanting to experience this deeply transformative tool. 

Christina offers a profoundly fresh approach to the Enneagram, through the lens of a therapist, while grounded in the teachings of current and past masters. I encourage the curious beginner and the expert to take this course.
Hilary S., Enneagram type 6

Christina's guidance is thoughtful, humorous, and so relatable. She puts the vast knowledge of the Enneagram into bite size pieces and then brings it together as one eye opening and life changing pie. I continue to see changes in my everyday life, long after completing the course.
Andrea, Enneagram type 7

Signature Retreats include:

Other programs include facilitated book groups, couples’ nights, and short-term groups for teens and parents to look at the myriad topics that create family struggle.

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The Work of Byron Katie

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Using the Harrison Assessment

Become the Leader You Want to Be

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