Christina McWalter Granahan, LICSW, CPCC, PCC

I earned a Masters Degree in Social Work in 1992 and have worked with individuals, families, groups and teams in a variety of medical, academic and non-profit organizations ever since. I have spent my life in both volunteer and paid capacities with a variety of marginalized populations, helping people to realize their birth rite of living on the planet with dignity and authenticity. Along the way, I have held a private clinical practice working with adolescents who engage in risk behavior who are interested in taking a deeper look at what motivates them to do so and how it is or isn’t working for them.  I also consult in a number of non profit organizations around best practices for clinical work, supervision and leadership development.

In 2010, I attended the Coaches Training Institute, completed the coursework and certification process and added coaching to my practice. As a coach, I have worked with adolescents and adults to help them get to know themselves at a deeper level ~ what drives them, what holds them back, and how they want to go about becoming who they were meant to be. In 2016, I became certified as an Academic Life Coach through Coach Training EDU and have been enjoying helping teens discover who they are before having to make decisions about post graduate plans like college, work or gap year. For younger teens, I help students look at what motivates them and how they best learn. It has been wonderful watching kids take responsibility for their learning and turn struggle into success.

When I am not in the world professionally, I am working to support four children grow into adulthood with the same guiding principle I use in my work life: the belief that we are all put on this earth to be leaders, taking responsibility for the impact we have in the world and carving out the life we were meant to have.


  • earned a Masters Degree in Social Work in 1992
  • completed Coaches Training Institute in 2010
  • earned CPCC in 2011
  • completed the Academic Life Coach Training in 2016
  • completed Academic Life Coach certification in 2016
  • certified as a PCC with International Coach Federation in 2018


  • adolescent development
  • women’s issues (work/life, parenting, leadership)
  • risk behavior/substance use/disorder
  • issues of identity (race, ethnicity, LGBTQ*)
  • organization and executive functioning
  • business development
  • social and academic adjustment and leadership
  • post secondary school planning & preparation
  • career planning for young adults

Professional Affiliations

  • NASW
  • ICF
  • ICF-NE