The Enlightened Application

Know yourself before you show yourself.

Craft a college or job application that shows who you truly are. Gain insight to your natural strengths, values, learning style and what you most want from a school. Make enlightened decisions about applying and selecting the school that best fits who you are from the inside out!

High school students looking to present themselves to universities, gap year programs and paid employment are often interviewed and asked to write essays highlighting what makes them unique, why they are on a particular path or what they want for their future. Most young people have no idea how to talk about themselves in this way. The goal of The Enlightened Application is to help you take that next step starting from the inside, out ~ knowing yourself so well that you can confidently present your best self in interviews and essays and then make choices about your future based on who you truly are and not based on what your world says you should be.

The Enlightened Application is as unique as the student who enrolls in this process. I will work with you and your caregivers to custom design a coaching program that prepares and supports you through the post-secondary search and decision-making process. Students spend their lives trying to fit in with their peers. Then, along comes sophomore or junior year, and you are being asked to talk and write about yourself in a way that highlights your strengths, interests and what makes you stand out from a crowd. I will not only work with you to gain the insight and skills to do this, but will provide structure to keep you on track throughout the entire process. The Enlightened Application makes room for you and your parents to enjoy this time in your life while you and I do the hard (but fun!) work necessary to walk through the college application and decision-making process.

Through our coaching together, you will be able to identify:

  • your learning style, your natural strengths, your beliefs and values, and your passions that when pulled together, provide the you with a clear sense of what makes you unique ~ you will become and expert in yourself!;
  • what characteristics of a school or job are most important to you and how to prioritize, evaluate, and narrow down options;
  • what your own path will be for the application process including a timeline for testing, essay writing, application preparation, tours, interviews and decisions;
  • what your needs are with regard to accountability (staying on track!) during the process and whether that comes from me, your parents/caregivers, or in some other way;
  • Red flags, areas of stress, and how to get past real or imagined roadblocks along the way.

If you have already completed the Academic Life Coaching program, The Enlightened Application will build on what you have learned and move you through the next stage of the process. If not, we will co-create a program that best meets your needs to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

How it works: The Enlightened Application is best started between the end of sophomore year and January of Junior year but I will work with students who want to start at any stage of their process and we will tailor the coaching to meet the student’s needs from wherever they are. Because high school is such a busy time of year, I work with families to determine a schedule and frequency that works best for them. Weekday afternoon and weekend appointments are available. Want to know more? Visit my contact page.
“I have really been pushing my friends to try coaching before we all go to college because it was such a good experience for me. Thank you again for the endless support through the college process and helping me get through my senior year!” ~ 17 year old
“Christina provided excellent communication along the path and at the same time, kept the details of the coach and student client discussions confidential, solidifying our daughter’s trust in her professional integrity.” ~ Mother of a college senior
“During and after working with Christina as a coach, our daughter’s ability to think through a problem to solution to final resolution developed to a higher level. Her confidence grew and consequently her grades improved. She has greater control balancing her priorities. She has maintained a positive and mature outlook during the college application and selection phase. Christina is a genuine person who is a natural at connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds. She is a coach who is able to transform a client’s perspective and ability to move from a thinking phase to action and results.” ~ Parent of a 17 year old