How it Works

Interested in Pricing?

I offer limited space in my practice for clients who are committed to the process but who need a sliding scale fee. If you are unable to pay the suggested fees, please let me know.

Fees indicated are for sessions that take place in my Sudbury office/phone/skype/Zoom. If you would like me to come to you, an additional travel fee will apply.

Academic Life Coaching:

$150 per session or $1350 when you pay for all 10 sessions in advance. Typically, we meet every week or every other week.

The Enlightened Application:

$150 per session or $1350 for a package of 10. Because teens are attending to so many needs at this time in their lives, we space these sessions in a way that meets your needs. Some students start as sophomores, others as juniors, and still others, as seniors.

Life Coaching:

1. One Day Intensive (ODI) with an option for add ons: Join me at an oceanfront location within an hour of Boston and Sudbury or another location of your choice. Prior to the retreat we will co-create the agenda based on your needs. You will leave the day with clarity, remembering who you are at your essence. If desired, the day can be designed with clear goals (business, personal, parenting) and you will leave with a list of well-designed actions that will lead you where you want to go.

$775 (All materials and lunch included); Want to bring a friend? $1350 for both of you!
Want to continue coaching beyond our ODI? $675 for a package of 5 sessions;


2. Take the more traditional route: $1500 for a 10-session package.

Thinking often shifts after just one session. Clients gain new perspectives, learn something about themselves, or walk away with some “field work” assigned that helps them learn in between sessions. Having said that, I have found that after about 3 months of regular coaching, clients look back and see major shifts. Like no kidding, MAJOR. The work starts with a willingness to show up to each session with curiosity and wonder; herein lies the recipe for discovery.

When I say “commitment”, I do not mean a financial commitment; this is not a binding contract. If you or I decide this is not a good fit for whatever reason, we are not bound to 3 months. The “commitment” is about your willingness to stay put and trust the process. It is part of our accountability to each other. I’ll stick around with you, no matter what. Many clients stick around for years, coming and going as it makes sense for them.

To talk more about whether coaching is a good fit or to make a plan to get started, or to ask about fees for other services, please contact me.