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I’m just not that into him

Then why do you keep dragging this out? 


Because my girlfriends are telling me all the reasons it makes logical sense to go out with him….(dramatic pause)…but I’m just not that into him. 


What is true?


He is soooo nice. He likes me. He hangs out with me. We live near each other. It’s convenient.


What else?


I can’t explain it, but it just doesn’t feel right. 


This was an actual conversation with a client today. We talk about the three centers of intelligence a lot here; the ways our head, heart, and body receive and process information. This client is beautifully demonstrating what it looks like when we use all three centers of intelligence. We are wiser and we are more precise.


Her friends want what is best for her, but they can only see what makes logical sense from their perspective. They can’t possibly be in her body or her heart, so their advice comes solely from a rational place. But that isn’t the whole picture.


Intuition, sensation, and memory live in your body. Longing and desire live in your heart.


When you don’t pay attention to all three centers, it’s like asking for advice from someone who can’t possibly know. You aren’t using all of the intelligence available to you.


This client has learned how to access all three centers of intelligence. Lucky her.


She second-guessed herself until she remembered this. Once she caught herself, she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, he was not the one for her. 


She left the appointment knowing she could respond to her girlfriends and to this lovely boy, with newfound clarity and wisdom.  


I don’t want to date you right now. 


Mic drop. 


Where have you made decisions that didn’t work out so well? What center might you have been relying on, while disregarding or ignoring 1 or 2 of the others? 


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