Leadership Coaching & Management Consulting

I currently provide management consultation and leadership coaching to staff at all levels of development in organizations looking to get the best out of their employees.  I approach my work from a perspective that we are all leaders who want to better understand our current impact in the world, be intentional about the impact we want to create, and take total responsibility for that impact now and in the future.

Topics clients often present include:

Organizational Issues:

  • the challenges for the middle manager
  • lateral leadership
  • managing up
  • managing change

Supervision Issues:

  • performance management
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • managing conflict
  • delegation

Personal Growth and Leadership Issues:

  • values
  • inner critic
  • intentional impact
  • career development


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“In my work with Christina, I have experienced what is possible when I explore my own standpoint and perspective through the lens of curiosity. A statement as simple as “I was annoyed” became a major opportunity to learn about myself and has let me see the countless ways to engage with the world. She has always been supportive and gentle, but never stopped helping me achieve my goal: to show up to work as my best self.” ~ LICSW
“Christina is incredibly skilled at bringing clarity to nebulous issues and honing in on what really matters. She has helped me to align my values and goals in the important process of prioritizing work and life.” ~ Senior Manager