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The relationship between managers and employees is inherently complex.

In an environment where everyone brings their own experiences, communication styles, motivations, beliefs, and behavior patterns, it’s only natural that friction will occur.

When that friction exists alongside performance expectations and deliverables, any disconnect will have a significant impact on organizational results and workplace culture.

In my consulting work with organizations, I see variations of the same issues between managers and direct reports.

If You Are a Supervisor, Manager, or Director, these statements might sound familiar:

If You Have a Supervisor, Manager, or Director, you can probably relate to some of these statements:

Leadership skills are not just for leaders.

I work with organizations to identify and foster leadership skills at all levels through workshops, trainings, and individual coaching.

My outside perspective allows me to take a holistic view of an organization and make objective recommendations. 

I create a safe space for dialogue and am skilled at navigating complex conversations.​

Here's how I can help

As a coach and mental health professional, I understand human behavior and ego development. I understand leadership, and I understand relationships.

With this foundational knowledge and decades of applied practice, I am adept at getting to the reasons intended results aren’t actualized and working with individuals and teams to develop the skills necessary for performance improvement and shared accountability.

To design a program to fit the needs of your program or organization, book a consultation call today.

Topics Might Include:

Managing change
Supervisor as Coach
Building habits for better performance
Time management
Structuring work for flow
Supervising staff who reflect the population served
Letting Go of Managing and Embracing Leadership
Coaching skills for non-coaches
Providing Feedback
Building a Cohesive Team
Talent development
Conflict resolution

Other Services

Specialized training for human service teams include:

  • suicide assessment
  • adolescent drug and alcohol use
  • gender, gender identity, sex and sexuality
  • cultural humility in supervision

Sampling of Programs and Packages:

  • Team Building
  • Using the Enneagram to Understand Team Dynamics
  • Coaching Skills for Non-Coaches
  • The New Supervisor
  • Using the Harrison Assessment to Build Your Leadership Toolbox
  • Discover Your Natural Strengths for Doing the Work and Getting Along

Christina’s group coaching and supervision challenged me to notice the ways I show up differently in groups vs.1:1 settings that were blind to me. She challenged me to examine my assumptions and in so doing, I learned that my triggers don’t come from only those who I identify as being different from me, but also those who are actually really similar to me. Learning about my self in this way opened up choice in how I respond to others where I didn’t know choice existed.
Leadership coaching client, Enneagram type 3

Any mission-driven organization is only as successful as the strength and functioning of its team. For more than 20 years I have worked with Christina to build the strength and resiliency of individuals, teams, and managers at every level of the organizations I have led. She has effectively engaged with diverse employees in every sense of the word - race, ethnicity, educational level, cultural background and more. Her wisdom, humor, authenticity and commitment to the growth of each individual makes her wildly successful as does her ability to help managers create new ways of supporting their teams.
John Gatto, MSW Senior Vice President for Community Health Justice Resource Institute

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