Remember Who You Are: Living the Wisdom of the Enneagram

The Enneagram offers so much more than a personality type and cute Instagram memes. It's a centuries-old tool that offers wisdom and insight that can truly change your life.

This deep dive into the Enneagram allows you to learn a powerful framework for why you do the things you do (even when they aren't serving you!) AND use your daily life as a playground for creating more alignment with the person you were born to be.

This work is personal work, but it must be done in community and requires both intention and a leap of faith.

What will it look like?

  • weekly group calls;
  • Use of the text, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, by Don Riso and Russ Hudson;
  • Other supplemental materials supplied by Christina;
  • Office hours, bonus calls, and additional teachings in response to what is called for by the group;
  • One 1:1 session with Christina each month, with option for additional 1:1 time to be added;
  • All inclusive pricing;
  • All calls will be recorded and made available to group members.

Why Take This Course?

What's my Type? 

You will learn about all 9 types with plenty of time for Q&A to help you find your own type;

Get Unstuck

You will learn how to use the Enneagram to help understand why you do the things you do, despite the fact that these ways might not be working for you, and why certain people continue to bug you, despite your best efforts to "let that shit go!"

There is Always Another Way.

You will leave the course understanding why knowing your type brings more choice to the way you communicate, the way you get things done, and how you respond when your needs are not met. This learning always brings more compassion and understanding to yourself and to others.

What Else?

Supplemental teachings and options for inner work will be available during office hours and bonus calls. Topics might include The Work of Byron Katie, the Instinctual Variants, Deep Listening, Soulcraft, Parent~Child Communication, Loving Who You're With, and others!

Can't Make all the Calls? No worries. All calls will be recorded and shared. 

What are People Saying about Christina and her Course?

"Aside from doing a homework assignment on Meyers-Briggs back in high school, I have never done anything like this. Christina distills the enneagram – a massive, complex web of human personality and emotion – into digestible bits so that the beauty and power of the enneagram can unfold in front of you.  The results for me were as powerful as they were fun. I found myself having much more clarity around my own reactions to things as well as a greater curiosity around behavior in others I didn’t understand. I would recommend an enneagram course to anyone who is looking for a deeper level of understanding, compassion and joy in their everyday understanding of themselves."


Liz, Type 3
Financial Advisor

"I didn't want this course to end. I need this course."


Steph, Type 5

"Christina’s enneagram course not only helped me discover the answer to 'why I do/think/act the way I do,' but it also helped me find what to do about it. This is where the healing and self-compassion happened. I learned how to recognize when my personality patters were taking over, catch myself in the moment, and make small shifts for big impact. Christina’s guidance is thoughtful, humorous and so relatable.  She puts the vast knowledge of enneagram into bite size pieces and then brings it together as one eye opening and life changing pie.  The work I’ve done in her 5 month class was priceless and I continue to see the changes in my everyday life as well as the changes in the way my family unit works and reacts as a whole.  I’m so grateful for the awakening the study of the enneagram has brought to my life. Christina is an amazing teacher."

Andrea, Type 7
Stay at Home Mom

“I have never met anyone like Christina. She is so skilled, so focused, and such an incredible listener. She is seemingly without bias or judgement...and makes me laugh, too!”

Cindy O., Type 2 (or somewhere in the heart center!)
Executive Coach


The Deets

Starts January 22nd, 2021

and runs through June, 2021

12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

If there is interest in an evening cohort, please let me know. I have a deep desire to support you to awaken to your truth. Let's see what we can create.



The Investment

All options are all-inclusive and include the same design and options; the difference in how you choose to make the investment is the only difference.

Please complete the application and the confidential introductory questionnaire here. 

$277/mo pay as you go; or 

$1497 paid in advance; or

Pay What You Can 

All Inclusive Pricing

When you invest in yourself in any of these ways, you receive:

  • full course, recordings, & handouts;
  • one private session each month;
  • all bonus calls and office hours.

I have created a course that offers you what has so generously been offered to me and has changed my life for the better beyond what I could have imagined.

Let's Go!

Step One: If you have not worked with me before, either in a course or as a client, make an appointment for a Discovery Call. We'll go from there. If this doesn't speak to you, go right ahead to Step Two.

Step Two: If you know you are a great candidate for this course because we have worked together before or because we've already had a Discovery Call, and are ready to jump right in, Please Register Below.

Why the sunflower? 

While unique in color and size, all sunflowers share the desire to find the sun. Sunflowers will point their bold centers towards light – in fact, their vitality depends on it. Their potential for vibrance, growth, stature, and sustainability in a field of many, is completely dependent on their ability to poke through the dirt and move towards the sun.

Like the sunflower, we all have the ability to find our own light.

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