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The Secret Sauce of Engagement

client conversation

Open-ended, powerful questions are designed to help a client go inside for answers.


The actual response is less important than the client’s own process of self-discovery.


You want to provide trauma-informed care, and powerful questions are an essential tool for this intention. They introduce choice into the conversation, decrease the perceived power differential between the you and the client, and allow the client to feel seen and cared for.


Each of these evokes a different neurobiological response from the brain, resulting in a greater sense of safety for the client.


Ultimately, you want to meet the client where they are. Most questions are about where you, the helping professional, is.


Try it with a client – or maybe even someone in your own life.


Notice the quality of the client’s response. Notice what it feels like to be you in the conversation.


It might take practice. You probably aren’t used to this way of showing up, but if we want informed client engagement and truth beyond an impulsive response, powerful questions are your secret sauce.


I’d love to hear what you are discovering!

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