Drawing from the fields of social work, coaching, public health and 25 years of experience in myriad academic, health care and community organizations, I provide training to groups with the knowledge that the most effective learning happens in an interactive, supportive environment that incorporates adult learning theory and lots of fun.  All training is tailored to the unique needs of the audience and incorporates my own experience in clinical work, education, management consultation, group facilitation and team building.

Potential topics for the workplace include:

  • managing change
  • coaching skills for non-coaches
  • conflict management
  • motivation and group development
  • supervision skills
  • team building
  • communication skills

Specialized training for human service teams include:

  • suicide assessment
  • adolescent drug and alcohol use
  • gender, sex and sexuality

Specialized training for parent groups include:

  • adolescent drug and alcohol use
  • talking to kids about risk behavior
  • gender, sex, and sexuality
“Christina thinks well on her feet which feels both alive and responsive…”
“Extremely insightful and great at making you become more self aware in order to be most effective with clients.”
“Easy to understand and always attentive to the group’s needs…. I loved it!”
“Christina was really transparent which helped to work with the initial resistance of the group.”
“She brings a lot of energy into the room!”
“Christina was eloquent and took the time to really help our team to figure out the basics before moving on to exploring the impact.”
“She really made me challenge myself and think about different ways of doing things.”
“The presenter really engaged the audience and I wished we had more time with her!”
“I appreciated her ability to create an environment to open up and share as a team. The activities connected very well!”